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Interactive Snake for Cats

Interactive Snake for Cats

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Introducing the Snake Charm Interactive Toy, the ultimate playmate for your feline friend!

Lifelike Fun: Watch as your cat pounces and chases after the realistic 3D snake. With its segmented body and slithering action, it's sure to ignite your cat's hunting instincts.

Smart Sensing: The Snake toy is equipped with a smart sensing function, allowing it to navigate around obstacles effortlessly. Its flashing eyes and stretchable tongue add an extra touch of excitement to playtime.

Interactive Engagement: After 1 minute of continuous play, the toy enters a dormant state, ready to surprise your cat once again. Simply tap the snake head to reactivate the action-packed fun.

Easy Charging: With a quick charging time of just 40 minutes, you can keep the Snake Charm toy powered up and ready for play.

Get ready for endless hours of entertainment and excitement with the Snake Charm Interactive Toy.

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