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Airtag Cat Collar

Airtag Cat Collar

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Have you ever worried about losing your adventurous cat during outdoor escapades? 

Introducing our AirTag Cat Collar, the ultimate solution to track your feline friend with ease. With our specially designed collar, securely attach your AirTag and gain peace of mind knowing that you can instantly locate your cat's whereabouts using your smartphone.

Track your cat's every move effortlessly by attaching your GPS to our  Apple AirTag Cat Collar. Our AirTag Cat Collar features a sturdy breakaway buckle, allowing your cat to quickly break free during outdoor adventures or if caught on a tree. It also has reflective strips for nighttime visibility, ensuring their safety during playtime outside.

Comfort, Lightweight and convenience! Made of reflective nylon, our collar is gentle on your cat's skin and won't rub off their fur. With an adjustable length (8.66 - 13.78 inches), it provides a comfortable fit for your feline friend.


  • 1 Cat Collar
  • 1 AirTag Holder (AirTag Not Included)
  • 1 Screwdriver

    Please note that airtag tracker is NOT included.
    Collar with bell and protective case ONLY.
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